Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)


Trusted Integrator

Intelligent Waves LLC Prides itself on creating innovative solutions for out nations warfighter. As a Trusted Integrator for the National Security Agency, Intelligent Waves is able to leverage a decade of tactical support experience to answer our nations call, providing resilient, robust, and secure technical solutions to current and future tactical problems.  Capabilities that have existed only in science fiction can finally take the field and change the way we fight and win.  It's a better way to communicate.

Core Competencies

The National Security Agency (NSA) Launched the Commercial Solution for Classified(CSfC) program to enable organizations to transmit classified information using commercial-grade encryption solutions, eliminating the need for expensive, diffiicult-to-use classified equipment.

CSfC enables access to classsified information using inexpensive, commercial technologies - benefiting warfighters by:

  • Reducing equipment costs
  • Simplifying equipment handling/security procedures
  • Enabling US coalition partners to access classified information, without taking possession of controlled cryptographic items (CCI)
  • Enabling WAN and wireless access (Wi-Fi and LTE) to classified information without the need for expensive, highly controlled hardware products