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Virtual Smartphones Simplifying and Securing Government Mobility: 
Work securely from anywhere on any device


Hypori by Intelligent Waves (IW) is a proprietary virtual smartphone technology that represents a new and comprehensive approach to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Hypori virtualizes the entire mobile experience - moving everything that matters into a managed and secure environment.

Why Hypori?

Today’s mobile device and endpoint management solutions are undifferentiated, lacking in functionality, and ultimately leave data vulnerable to cyber criminals. Agencies are losing the ability to manage and secure data on the device endpoint. Such challenges include managing new devices coming onto the network via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), new vulnerabilities and frequent cyber-attacks, and the ongoing challenge of managing different manufacturer's devices (e.g., Android or Apple) and different Operating System (OS) versions. BYOD is taking over the enterprise mobile landscape, and as mobile threats are more sophisticated and severe, a different approach is required. Traditional solutions are poorly suited to address the needs of the next generation of enterprise mobility. Hypori is a powerful and unique solution to address these needs, leveraging innovations in device virtualization and Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) technologies to provide alternative solutions.

Finally, you can deliver a mobility program that is: 

  • Secure and Compliant
  • Managed and Controlled
  • Adopted and Embraced

Benefits of IW’s Hypori

Hypori enables direct version control of the virtual mobile operating system and all apps in the virtual environment. Because there is no containerization or app wrapping, there is no customization of applications required – off-the-shelf applications can be delivered to any device on any operating system (OS). The persistent virtual mobile devices enable easy and quick patching and updates, and the VMI environment is easily auditable through its management platform. Agencies can track usage inside mobile apps to meet compliance needs. The management platform is also a powerful tool for user access control. New users can be rapidly provisioned, apps and data can be easily granted/revoked, and overall access can be terminated quickly and effectively. Key features of IW’s Hypori include:

  • Decreased Vulnerability: Hypori’s virtual mobile device far exceeds the security and control capabilities available with traditional MDM solutions. 
  • Powerful User Experience: Leveraging patent pending innovations around compression, latency-reduction, and user interaction, the user experience of the Hypori solution is virtually identical to what it would be if the applications and data were on the mobile device itself. 
  • Simplicity: With IW’s Hypori, there is no longer a need to manage a diverse fleet of mobile devices.
  • Secure and Compliant: The platform is built with military-grade security, meeting intelligence community requirements, and data and apps are managed in the cloud; no data at risk, no applications at risk.
  • Easy BYOD Implementation: Because user access to their authorized applications and data from mobile endpoints is through a thin client app, there are no issues enabling any device. 


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