SOF Care Coalition


United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Care Coalition Recovery Program

Intelligent Waves LLC (IW) working alongside the USSOCOM Care Coalition Recovery Program has initiated an internship program that assists Wounded Warriors into a civilian career field in one of the following areas: Information Technology (IT), Business Development, Financial Specialist, or Administrative Specialist.  Participants would have an opportunity to work alongside IT and business professionals supporting existing and in-progress Government contracts gaining valuable insight and hands on experience.

IW is flexible with work schedules and hours, we fully understand that the Wounded Warriors are in various stages of recovery and therapy.  IW’s intent is to provide Wounded Warriors a chance to gain experience and an appreciation of potential career fields, while exposing them to the corporate world in a low stress environment.  We hope that this will assist in reducing anxiety traditionally inherent with transition from active duty to “Civilian Life”.  IW believes that these experiences are important to the recovery and preparation of Wounded Warriors throughout their recovery phases.  The amount of time needed is flexible on a case-by-case basis and we believe can be beneficial to the Wounded Warrior with results being directly proportionate to time spent anywhere from one week, to one year.  Depending on length of stay, IW could also assist in professional development certifications that are just as important as college credit within the IT field.  Wounded Warriors would be assigned an IW mentor within one of the four career fields, and be allowed to change focus if desired.  The Wounded Warrior’s would have an opportunity to have discussions, ask questions, and develop one-on-one relationships in a very low stress environment.  When the Wounded Warrior is ready to make the transition from military to civilian career IW would provide resume assistance, access to our onsite recruiter and websites, references, and in some cases initiate security clearance procedures. 

In the end, IW would like to provide an environment that is meaningful and fun while valuable to assisting Wounded Warriors determining their future career fields.

The IW POCs for the internship program are Mr. Mark Wisecarver or Mrs. Heather Woodall at (703) 766-7999.  


Legislation for Civilian Internships:


Section 1143 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the

end the following new subsection: 


(1) The Secretary of a military department may carry out one or more programs to provide eligible members of the armed forces under the jurisdiction of the Secretary with job training and employment skills training, including apprenticeship programs, to help prepare such members for employment in the civilian sector. 

(2) A member of the armed forces is an eligible member for purposes of a

program under this subsection if the member-

(A) has completed at least 180 days on active duty in the armed forces;


(B) is expected to be discharged or released from active duty in the armed

forces within 180 days of the date of commencement of participation in such a program.

(C) Any program under this subsection shall be carried out in accordance

with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense''.